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We are hiring!

Tis the season for recruitment! Ever dreamed of working at a fun filled environment, bringing eastern fashion, and making history in the west along side with an elite team of fashion marketing tech experts?
Are you fashionable? Dogmatically organized? Always on a mission build to a better proverbial mouse trap? Practical experience on the use of elbow grease? If so, we might have a job for you.
Currently, we are seeking two highly motivated individuals who not only can think on their feet, but are not shy getting their hands dirty to help make the magic happen.

Fashionable events starts here

Saxony Company is the pioneer, and premier provider of value added content service for your event.

We are the first to introduce and popularized Japanese street fashion in the North America. No other entities out side of Japan has the experience, and fashion industry celebrities line up as we do. That is why every event, big or small, will always be a land mark success. Let us know your project scope, and find out how we can make your event unique and memorable for your attendee, and industry.

Time Line

April 2009 - Saxony Company established.
June 2009 - Harajuku Hearts launched as an online store.
September 2010 - Acquisition of Angelic Pretty label.
November 20th 2010 - Open Harajuku Hearts store and Angelic Pretty store in San Francisco, USA.
November 20th 2011 - Celebrates Saxony Company's 1 year retail anniversary.
January 1st 2011 - Acquisition of Black Peace Now label
April 6th 2012 - Chantilly and Atelier Pierrot exhibit at Sakura Con
May 15th 2012 - First midwest presence at Anime Central

Who we are

SAXONY Co., LLC. was founded in 2009. The company deals with apparel & accessory in USA and Japan. Our main goal is to connect USA and Japan's apparel business. We import and export high quality apparel brands between USA and Japan.



SAN FRANCISCO, CA 03 Nov 2010 – A new age in Japanese fashion in the United States dawns as Saxony Co., LLC announces their new storefront in San Francisco in the fashionable Union Square district. Set to open on 20th November 2010, the San Francisco location promises to bring the greatest ease of access and representation of Japanese fashion in California.