We are hiring!

Tis the season for recruitment! Ever dreamed of working at a fun filled environment, bringing eastern fashion, and making history in the west along side with an elite team of fashion marketing tech experts?
Are you fashionable? Dogmatically organized? Always on a mission build to a better proverbial mouse trap? Practical experience on the use of elbow grease? If so, we might have a job for you.
Currently, we are seeking two highly motivated individuals who not only can think on their feet, but are not shy getting their hands dirty to help make the magic happen.

Saxony Company LLC. is and equal opportunity employer, please apply via E-mail by following these instructions: (No phone calls, please)

1) Email to info@saxonyapparel.com with the subject line containing the title of the position that you are applying for.
2) In the body of your message, please tell us why you feel you are best suited for the position, and how you may contribute to our company's vision.
3) Attach your resume and/or your portfolio if you have one, as a PDF in the email.
BONUS, but not required) Describe a unique attribute of yourself that sets you apart from everybody else, which contributes positively to a community.

- Positions Available -
Retail Intern:
Duties includes but not limited to: Assist general staff on everyday retail tasks, such as inventory, sales, blog, inventory and esthetics maintenance of the Saxony retail location in San Francisco.
College and university internship credit can be granted with this position.

Legal to work in the United States.
Post high school education, or equivalent education.
Fluency in speaking, reading and writing English, in a customer support environment.
Able to lift 40 pounds.
Able to work at least 15hrs a week during retail weekdays hours.
Practical computer literacy in a predominate Mac and Windows environment.

literate in the Japanese language

General Staff:
Duties includes but does not limited to:
Retail sales, inventory tracking and reports, blog entries updates, customer support, product demonstration videos, cash register operation , website product updates, actively maintaining and updating the esthetics of the retail environment.

Legal to work in the United States
Previous experience in a retail or a service based environment.
Undergraduate or higher education or in active in an undergraduate program relevant to the fashion industry.
Demonstrate creative abilities, in conventional manners or unconventional methods.
Fluency in speaking, reading and writing in English, suitable customer support, and suitable for documentation creation.
Able to lift 40 pounds.
Able to work at least 15hrs a week during retail weekdays hours.
Practical computer literacy in a predominate Mac, Windows mixed network environment.
OpenOffice suite.
Able to commit time to travel, and participate in trade shows activities.

Fluency in Japanese, and other secondary languages.
Able to properly use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign
Able to navigate *nix environments, write / edit HTML , CSS, and utilize PHP content managers.