Time Line


April 2009 - Saxony Company established.
June 2009 - Harajuku Hearts launched as an online store.
September 2010 - Acquisition of Angelic Pretty label.
November 20th 2010 - Open Harajuku Hearts store and Angelic Pretty store in San Francisco, USA.
November 20th 2011 - Celebrates Saxony Company's 1 year retail anniversary.
January 1st 2011 - Acquisition of Black Peace Now label
April 6th 2012 - Chantilly and Atelier Pierrot exhibit at Sakura Con
May 15th 2012 - First midwest presence at Anime Central
June 15th 2013 - Debuted Putumayo label at AM2Con
September 13th 2012 - Denver Colorado exhibition at NDK Denver
November 20st 2012 - Celebrates Saxony Company's 2nd year retail anniversary.
March 15th 2013 - Hawaii exhibition at Kawaii Kon
August 16th 2013 - Broke ground at Anime Revolution, as the first Japanese street fashion brand in the Canada region.
September 27th 2-13 - South East region exhibit at Anime Weekend Atlanta with Putumayo
November 20st 2013 - Celebrates Saxony Company's 3rd year retail anniversary.